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What are Horoscopes and Charts used for?

Horoscopes and charts are an astrologer's main tool and they can be created for almost anything. You can develop greater insight into your relationships with others on a personal and or professional level. Discover if relocation to other countries or local destinations will work for you. Become empowered to manage life's change and transitions with grace by using the cycles of development to create your personal strategic plan and engage in coaching to maximise your potential.

Sun Sign Astrology: the fun stuff and its free!

Monthly updates are provided for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Personal Astrology: the tool of empowerment

Astrological insight goes to the heart of the matter because it identifies your predisposition in terms of how you approach life and its circumstances. Discover how you have evolved, what influences may be used to achieve your dreams and goals along with upcoming development opportunities. I incorporate the following: natal astrology which is about your potential, life patterns & trends, career potential, relationship and compatibility horoscopes, managing life transitions, mid life crisis and challenges and if you decide to relocate this chart will provide insight about your compatibility with that particular location! To do this we need your birth date, birth place and birth time, as accurately as you can, as the horoscope changes every 4 minutes! Don't know your time of birth, all is not lost... talk to me!

Astrological Coaching: getting what you want
Life, Business Management and Executive Coaching: There are times when we need to identify the best use of our energy and resources and your horoscope can provide the key and timing to maximise your focus and results. You can be supported in the process to 'get across the line' and achieve your goals.

Planets, Signs and Aspects are the language of Astrology

The planets, signs and their aspects or angular relationships to each other, represent the language of astrology and correlates in such a way, that an experienced astrologer will interpret that data in terms of human behaviour. Powerful insight is provided to you in relation to your instinctual response to situations, your ability to communicate effectively and understand your communication style, your motivational drive, socialisation capability and relationship needs.

Corporate & Business Astrology: combining success with wisdom

Wisdom will be the competitive edge in the 21st century. Helen Hartley combines the art astrology with many years of senior human resource management to identify business potential, develop strategic plans, use business cycles for growth and expansion activities including, mergers, acquisitions, and strategic alliances from within the horoscope. Understanding where the strengths and blockages are in a business enables effective planning to take place. In addition considering the impact of leadership on the organisations operations, structure and staff it becomes possible to develop strategic plans. These correlate with predictable cycles are designed to maximise results. This really is effective use of resources!

Using astrology in recruitment and selection is also very powerful  in terms of distingishing the candidates core drivers or essence (Sun), how they operate instinctively and also how to nourish and appreciate them (Moon), how they think and apply their particular brand of logic (Mercury), the manner in which they approach relationships and money (Venus) and how they are motivated on a short and longer term basis and how they go about getting results (Mars).

Explore the site and you will find information about my courses, presentations, public appearances, consultations and one to one coaching. From a learning perspective, tables with astrological key words and astrological symbols will assist you understand the language of astrology, as will the free general and educational articles.

Helen Hartley
Adelaide South Australia

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